I have something to admit...I am a bit of a smartphone novice.  I only just graduated to a smartphone last December, when I decided that it would be a big benefit for work.  That did turn out to be true.  I loved having a camera on my phone along with internet access, but that all ended this past Saturday.

After enjoying the rodeo at Damaschke Field, I decided it was a perfect day to head out to Goodyear Lake in my kayak.  I was paddling along, enjoying the warmth of the sun and taking a lot of pictures of my beautiful surroundings.  It was very shortly after I took fantastic video of my first ever, close-up encounter with two muskrats, that it all went south.

I was on my way back to my car when I felt the need for one last snapshot.  I don't even remember what I was about to capture a picture of because what happened next came as such a surprise, that it blocked out that memory.  One moment I was holding my phone, getting ready to take my shot and the next thing I knew, the phone slipped right out of its metal case and plopped into the blackish water.  Argh!!!  I was in very shallow water at the time.  It was probably about two feet deep but quite murky and the thought of getting in the freezing water to retrieve the phone did cross my mind for a brief moment, but I immediately dismissed the idea, knowing full well that the phone was not to be saved.  As soon as it hit the water, it was not ever going to work again.

To my surprise I did not really angry or upset.  I actually was very calm and had the attitude of "Oh well".  After all, I knew getting upset wasn't going to change anything.  Plus, I have insurance for the phone.  ALWAYS GET THE INSURANCE!  Oh, and one more thing, that type of case for phones is not a good product.  It was because of that case falling right off, with the phone attached (it comes in two pieces) that I lost my phone in the first place.  I've learned that lesson and also that for kayaking, I need to get a waterproof case that I can keep the phone in, that allows me to take pictures with it in the case AND tether the darn thing to my body!  I hate learning the hard way!

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