When it comes to kissing, there's more to it than meets the eye, or maybe lips in this case.  The following facts from YourTango.com will either encourage you to pucker up more often or send you running.

1. Kissing can cause cavities thanks to kissing someone with cavity causing bacteria that ends up in your mouth.  Yum!

2. The average one-minute kiss will burn 26 calories.

3. The average woman will kiss 79 guys before she's married.  Seriously?!

4. The average person will spend, overall, an estimated two entire weeks of their life kissing. That's 20,160 minutes kissing in a lifetime.

5. 50% of all people have their first kiss before the age of 14.

6. 90% of people in the world engage in kisses on the lips. People in other cultures, such as Eskimos, rub noses.

Now, if you want to see some great examples of kissing, here are some of the best movie kisses.

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