Credit: Lea Adams, Thinkstock
Credit: Lea Adams, Thinkstock

Are you getting geared up to do some walking?  Maybe you are already a walker but are bored with the same scenery.  If so, here's something perfect for any kind of walker: Prescription Trails or 'Script Trails'.

O’Connor Hospital, working in collaboration with the Delaware County Public Health Services, Margaretville Memorial Hospital, Tri-Town Regional Hospital and Delaware Valley Hospital, Cornell Cooperative Extension Delaware County and the Rural Health Alliance of Delaware County are all seeking to enhance the population health and disease management initiatives by implementing Prescription Trails, or ‘Script Trails, and Complete Street projects.

The website to find the right trails for you is very easy to use.  You just choose what type of trail or walk you'd like and it locates them for you.  It's great!  Spread the word and share the good news about this amazing program!

To get started and find walks for you, CLICK HERE.

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