There are tons of wacky and wild festivals out there, some you can even participate. Big Chuck and Dan discussed what's upcoming across the country and internationally on our sister station WDOS AM730.


Already happened: Rat Race -- Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky

This mocks the Kentucky Derby in spirit, except there is a different theme each year. This year's Rat Race featured rats made to look like Liberatce and was dubbed "Viva Rat Vegas."

The name describes exactly what you'll see. The event, put on by the Etomology Department at Purdue University, has contestants pop flash-frozen, semi-thawed brown crickets into their mouths and measure how far they can spit the insect.

It is part of the larger Bug Bowl. It started in the mid-1990s. By the way, the current record is 37 feet, 9.75 inches.

Unfortunately this is about fish and not Joe Dirt. It celebrates a small fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Contestants stand outside a local bar and see how far they can throw the fish. The record is 189 feet, 8 inches.

Cheese Fest

This festival kicks in the first weekend of June annually. This year marks the 19th year of the Wisconsin Cheese Festival. It includes a cheese curd eating competition, cheese cake contest, cheese carving demo, free cheese tasting, the Big Cheese Parade, Big Cheese Breakfast and a carnival atmosphere.

This festival celebrates the Catholic Church. Grown men leap over newborns, with full parental consent. They often don Elvis-like costumes and wield whips. They ritual is an attempt to cleanse the infants of evil.

This is perhaps the most famous of these wacky festivals. All 49 residents of this small town gather on the third weekend in June to celebrate the art of hollerin'. There are five divisions, including Junior, Ladies Callin' and the famed National Hollerin' Contest for men only.

Naked Bike Ride

On June 30th, several cities across the country are participating in World Naked Bike Ride Day. It is exactly as it sounds: Horrifying.

Sadly, Albany participated. So if you're feeling frisky and don't mind the draft, check it out.

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