There's a baby boom going on at the Animal Adventure Park where lambs and camel babies are being born.

Lucy, one of the dromedary camels at the park in Harpursville, New York gave birth to a male calf. "Our animals all have choice of enclosed and heated barns to retire to at any time; however Lucy chose the yard to give birth," the park said.

Temperatures may be below normal in New York for this time of year but Camels can tolerate extreme temperatures, in both directions. An animal with snow on their back means they are well insulated and body heat is staying internally.

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Park officials say the calf is being observed closely and appears to be doing very well after initial examination and drying off.

A baby camel isn't the only new addition at the Animal Adventure Park. Three different black belly ewes welcomed a single male lamb, bringing the lamb count to 7 so far in 2021. "Lambs and moms doing great."

You can see the new babies along with all the other animals when The Animal Adventure Park opens for the season Wednesday, April 28th. You can also watch Johari the pregnant giraffe on The Animal Adventure Park's Giraffe Cam or take part in an animal encounter during the off season and get up close and personal with giraffes, sloths and penguins.

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