Have you ever been on a safari? It's something that we all tend to associate with the wilds of Africa but a much closer-to-home version is coming to 100+ acres with 3 miles of roadways owned by Animal Adventure Park outside of Harpersville, NY. The acreage is right across the street from the current preserve and is almost ready to open and is still being prepared for a big drive-thru safari experience that will be one of the northeast's biggest.

If you're worried about what the roaming animals might do to your vehicle, it would seem that the folks at Animal Adventure Park thought of that and are "training" the animals to behave properly when encountering people in cars. See for yourself...

So the big question is, what will you get to see on the "Preserve at Animal Adventure" as it's being called? According to Animal Adventure Park, there will be a multitude of sort of wild beasts to encounter from the safety of your car: giraffes, rhinos, deer, bison, ostrich, zebras, camels, and much more.

This project with a price tag of around $2 million, featuring about 250 animals to start according to Spectrum News, has plans to expand to around 600 different animals as time goes by.

This property for Animal Adventure Park which was purchased in 2017 by owner John Patch has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings in just five years and this latest addition of The Preserve at Animal Adventure to Animal Adventure Park adds a whole new dimension to this Southern Tier attraction. The plan is to open at the end of this month.

You can follow the project progress at The Preserve at Animal Adventure on Facebook or at theanimaladventurepreserve.com.

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