In case you haven't heard, Aerosmith and Cheap Trick are performing on June 29 at the Times Union Center in Albany. Tickets are on-sale now.

It got me thinking about all the great Aerosmith songs in movies and television over the years.

  • Being a sports fan, I was first fully aware of Aerosmith's power in 1999 when ESPN played its "Images of the Century" montage featuring the band's hit "Dream On."
  • Then, of course, I started hearing them everywhere. Who remembers the film Armageddon, starring Steven Tyler's daughter Liv as the female lead? I can close my eyes and still see that scene where Ben Affleck plays with an Animal Cracker on her stomach, Aerosmith's "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" building in the background. For good measure, we've included both the movie clip and the music video below:
  • And who could forget that hilarious song choice for Mrs. Doubtfire? I couldn't find the exact scene, but here's the music video nonetheless.
  • How about television appearances? Of course you guys know Steven Tyler is a judge on American Idol. But have you seen this clip from The Simpsons?
  • And just for fun:

What are we missing? What's your favorite Aerosmith song in television or film? Leave it in the comments below.

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