If you thought that Old Man Winter was going to quietly go into hibernation until next winter, then think again.  He's up to his old tricks with a Spring winter storm headed our way late tonight.  According to the National Weather Service of Binghamton, it's a "complicated" storm system.  See the details below:

A very complicated system, as is often the case with a "winter" storm after the start of Spring. Chilly rain develops today, then changes to wet snow for some areas tonight-early Friday. Coastal system then merges in and strengthens, causing gusty winds and snow showers later Friday through Saturday morning. See our briefing at https://www.weather.gov/media/bgm/publicbrief.pdf for details on timing, uncertainty, and ranges of possibility.

It does not just depend on the track; in this case even a degree or two temperature change will greatly change snowfall amounts, and some of the snow will melt in the middle of the event during the day Friday, too. Elevation will also play a big factor, with rain mixed in at times for lower terrain.

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