I know my dog Freddie has an adorable mug. If you think that your pet has one too, they could be the face of one of Brown's Brewery's beers. They have teamed up with the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society to raise money and make someone's furry friend "beer famous".

They are looking for all types of pets, not just dogs, to be the face of their beer label in October. The beer that your furry friend will be featured on is the Brown's Brewing Company's Joanne IPA according to spotlightnews.com. But they will rename it Happy T'Ales Beer and put someone's pet's face on the label.

Now through September 9th, anyone can enter and all pets are welcome. There is an entry fee of ten dollars and then each vote will cost a dollar. Not only will the winning pet grace the label of Brown's Joanne IPA but they will also receive framed label artwork, two pour packs of beer, and party packs for the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society's Oktopurrfest event in October.

I know a few people who have already entered their dogs into the contest. I will not put Freddie into the running because that wouldn't be fair. I mean did you see that furry face? He would have too many votes and we want other pet owners to have a shot. I am just kidding. We are all biased of our own pets so I had to say that. Freddie is cute though.

If you would like to see your pet's mug on the Brown's beer label click here for more info, to apply, and to vote.

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