There's been a lot of talk and controversy the past few days over the Buffalo Bills - Kansas City Chiefs playoff game last Sunday (January 23rd.) I for one gave up on the game with about 60 seconds left after the Chiefs scored, putting them ahead.

Not in a million years did I think the remaining minute would be so crazy. It wasn't until I later checked the final score and noticed something odd about it, that I watched a video of that last minute, along with the overtime. Being that I was rooting for the Buffalo Bills, that ending sure was depressing.

Many have complained about the coin toss rule. Personally, I think each team should have a chance at scoring in overtime to be fair, but what do I know. Rules are rules.

But some good came out of this matchup, aside from the Kansas City Chiefs winning and their fans getting to enjoy at least another playoff game (Go Bangles!) Watching the Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes drop his helmet, searching out Bills Quarterback Josh Allen, and giving him a hug, was sportsmanship at its finest.

And the website The Sporting News reported that Kansas City Chiefs fans, dubbed the Chiefs Kingdom, put out a challenge to donate $13 dollars to Josh Allen's Patricia Allen Fund. Monies raised benefit the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital, located in Buffalo, NY. The Sporting News has reported that tens of thousands of dollars have been donated so far.

The dollar amount is in reference to the amount of time it took the Kansas City Chiefs to tie the game and send it into overtime. Probably a bit of a dig, but in the end, the children's hospital wins, and that's the most important thing.

By the way, WKBW-TV in Buffalo reported that the playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Kanas City Chiefs was the most-watched divisional football game in the past five years, averaging just under 43 million viewers. In my opinion, any of the remaining playoff games will be pale in comparison.

via The Sporting News, WKBW-TV

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