Yard sale season traditionally kicks Memorial weekend with people taking advantage of all the extra people visiting our region because of the General Clinton Canoe Regatta in Bainbridge, however, during the coronavirus pandemic, everything is looking a lot different. The Canoe Regatta is canceled as are most events. That leads to the question, are we even allowed to hold yard sales?

Currently, our local counties including Chenango, Delaware, and Otsego are in Phase I of Governor Cuomo's reopening of New York State plan. Phase I does NOT allow yard/garage sales. If Phase II happens as scheduled for our area, does that mean yard sales will be allowed? Unfortunately, we don't know yet, but most likely not. It remains to be seen if Governor Cuomo will allow lawn sales at all this summer. It's certainly a disheartening thought to realize that it may not be possible to hold yard/garage sales this summer!

In the meanwhile, you're probably thinking, "What the heck do I do with all my stuff I want to get rid of?" Here are a couple of ideas: you can sell items on-line or you can leave items out curb-side with a big free sign. I like to do that when I don't mind giving things away that are perfectly good that I know someone will enjoy. Usually, any item I put out is gone in within a few hours. Unless you really need the money from selling items, I recommend just leaving items out (as weather allows) and watch them disappear. It feels good!

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