You may have seen this alert on your Facebook page, shared by friends: color coding on products we use all the time and what it means.  This is the claim in the article from

The meaning of the colors on the bottom of toothpaste tubes:
Green square = Natural
Blue square = Natural + Medicine
Red square = Natural + Chemical composition
Black square = Pure Chemical

To counter this information, one Facebook friend posted on my page: "This mark is so that the machine that is packing the product knows where to cut the tube or box or whatever. take a look at food boxes or bags of pasta or rice, the same marks."

So who's right?  Well, after checking this out on, which investigates information that gets shared around on-line, it turns out that my Facebook friend is right.  Those marks are for manufacturing purposes, so that machines know where to cut the tubes.

Word to wise: just because you see it posted on the internet and presented as a fact, doesn't mean it is.  There are quite a few urban legends floating out there in the internet ethers so if you want to find out if something is indeed true, check it out before sharing it around on

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