I want you to dust off the cobwebs of your memory banks from 1972.  Do you remember Little Mikey from Life cereal ads?  Those ads ran for 12 years beginning in 1972 and became one of the longest running ad campaigns ever.  And as for Little Mikey, well, he hated EVERYTHING but he sure liked Life Cereal.  Let's jog your memory a bit...

Who played Mikey and whatever happened to him?  Well according to urban legend, a few years after the commercials starting airing, there was a rumor that the actor, John Gilchrist, who played little Mikey, died after eating pop rocks with Coke.  It was said that the two produced an over abundance of carbon dioxide and his stomach exploded.  Ewww!  Well, not to worry, it turned out to be an urban legend.

As of last year, Gilchrist, who is now 44, ­is a director of media sales at New York’s MSG ­Network.  No more acting for him.


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