Let's be honest for a minute- New York State is home to a huge collection of roadside attractions. Did you know that one of the most oddball attractions is only about 2 hours from Central New York?

New York State's most oddball museum is The Jell-O Gallery Museum. This museum is located in Le Roy New York. So what is in this museum? You guessed it, Jell-O. The Jell-O Gallery Museum is dedicated to the history and impact the invention of Jell-O had on the world.

So what can you find here? The museum features exhibits on the history of Jell-O, vintage Jell-O advertisements, and Jell-O-themed artwork. Visitors can learn about the interesting story behind Jell-O and its rise to become a beloved American dessert.

In 1845, Peter Cooper dabbled with and patented a product which was “set” with gelatin. Suffice it to say, it never did “jell” with the American public. In 1897, Pearle Wait, a carpenter in LeRoy, was developing a cough remedy and laxative tea in his home. He experimented with gelatine and came up with a fruit flavored dessert which his wife, May, named JELL-O. He tried to market his product but he lacked the capital and the experience. In 1899 he sold the trademark to a fellow townsman for the sum of $450."

You can read more on the history online here.

The museum also has exhibits where visitors can play Jell-O-themed games, create their own Jell-O recipes, and learn about the science of gelatin. This is why the Jell-O Gallery Museum is the most oddball museum in all of New York State.

You can find the address, admission costs, and everything you need to know how to get to the museum online here.

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