Explore National Parks Get Paid $50,000
Are you looking for a job that will pay you to explore the national parks? If you have the time, you could earn a cool fifty thousand dollars doing it. Plus it's a promotion through Michelob Ultra so you will also be able to represent them in a fun way.
Wanderlust Dream Job
by Lauren Pennino
If you love to travel and post photos to your Instagram, Netflix has just come up with the dream job for you.
Netflix is offering a two week assignment, paying a total of $4,000, to simply travel throughout Europe and the Middle East and take Instagram pictures of different sites...
Schumer Joins Opposition to New TSA Allowed Items
U.S. Senator Charles Schumer wants the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to reverse its newly-announced plan to allow passengers to bring small knives and other items, like golf clubs and hockey sticks, onto planes.
Schumer said the TSA's new policy puts passengers and crew members in dang…
American Airlines, U.S. Airways to Discuss Possible Merger
A possible merger between American Airlines and U.S. Airways that would create the nation's largest carrier could be in the works and announced as soon as next week.
The two airlines have been discussing a potential deal for months and sources say that the board of directors of AMR Corp., Americ…
10 Real Life ‘Harry Potter’ Destinations You Can Visit
If you love 'Harry Potter,' you just might be happier than a Muggle with a new wand after you go through this list. What better way to indulge your Potter fantasies than by visiting some of the actual places made famous by the films? Check out these spots and start planning your Harry Pott…