New York potholes are legendary and chances are you have hit at least one already this Spring. That unmistakable, jarring, sound of your wheel bashing into the hole. The force can be so unsettling you are certain you have a flat tire, bent rim or worse. Oh well, that's just part of living in the Northeast, right? Not necessarily.

If your vehicle suffered damage from a pothole in New York State, you could be entitled to reimbursement.

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According to Quote Wizard, New York ranks #10 out of the States with the worst pothole problems. Each Spring, when ice, snow and rain tend to collect, freeze and melt, we have a new crop of potholes on our roadways.

AAA reports that the average cost to repair pothole damage to your vehicle is around $300 but could cost more than $1000. Is the State responsible for these costs? Possibly, but if you hit a pothole on the New York State Thruway, for example, you will need to fill out a Vehicle Damage Claim.

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

For Thruway pothole damage you can call 518-436-2981, leave a message and a representative should get back to you within 24 hours. The Legal Department will review your claim and respond in writing within approximately 8-10 weeks after the completed form is received.  Submitting this claim form does not guarantee payment or reimbursement.

As for your local New York municipalities, Super Lawyers report that, there is a 'prior written notice law' where the municipality will be immune from liability unless they had prior written notice of that pothole. You might be able to file a small claims form.

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Getty Images

Report New York potholes by calling 1-800-POTHOLE or 1-800-768-4653.

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