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The last of the six suspects charged in the October 10, 2019 murder of Worcester resident Kenneth Robinson will go to trial next month on April 14. According to AllOTSEGO, 16-year-old Dylan Robinson who is Kenneth Robinson’s son is charged with second-degree murder, first-degree burglary, first-degree attempted robbery and third-degree arson. Robinson is the only teen to be tried as an adult.

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Six people were involved in the event at Kenneth Robinson's home which started as an attempted robbery of $5000 in cash and marijuana but ended in the murder of Robinson by his son Dylan, with Robinson's home set on fire to cover up the murder.

In the case, 32-year-old Nicolas Meridy and two other teenagers took plea deals while two other teenagers had their cases moved to family court.

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Dylan Robinson (Credit: Libby Cudmore, AllOTSEGO)
Dylan Robinson (Credit: Libby Cudmore, AllOTSEGO)










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