Thanksgiving, known as a holiday of overindulgence was quite the opposite in it's humble Pilgrim beginnings.  Can you imagine free pass of overindulgence never having existed?  You might be surprised to find out that according to, we have the Wampanoag Indians to thank for feasting on Thanksgiving.  In 1621, following the Pilgrims first harvest, they would have fasted as their way of thanksgiving for a successful harvest, however, a group of 90 Wampanoag showed up and turned it into a 3 day feast.  Hence, a tradition was born!

Fast forward a couple of hundred years...due to the incredible perseverance of Sarah Josepha Hale (songwriter of  “Mary Had a Little Lamb) who kept writing to President Lincoln for 17 years on behalf of having Thanksgiving being declared a national holiday, it became so in 1863.

Knowing what could have been really puts a fresh perspective on Thanksgiving doesn't it?  I know that I will enjoy the bounty on my family's table that much more and extend my thanks to the Native Americans, Sarah Josepha Hale and President Lincoln.

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