Thanksgiving is the big dance for food. Are you prepared and ready? What side dishes are the most popular to feature at your dinner?

Zippia did research to determine the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes in each state. They were able to publish their findings on Thrillist in an easy-to-digest map:

The findings, which can be compared to last year's here, showed a surprising front-runner, suggesting most people look forward to mashed potatoes at their Thanksgiving table, but other sides certainly earned honorable mentions."

When you look at New York State, the results aren't all that shocking honestly:

New York: sweet potatoes with marshmallows"

Granted, we may be more shocked that stuffing didn't rank higher, but, sweet potatoes seem to be a main feature of the holiday season as a whole.

Other states had interesting findings too. Rolls took the top spot in several states, as did stuffing and sweet potato casserole. Macaroni and cheese made the list only a handful of times along with hash brown casserole, baked potatoes, charcuterie, and salad.

Do you like sweet potatoes? If you eventually get tired of the normal sweet potato dish, try turning them into sweet potato balls. This dish contains cheese and cheese makes everything taste better right?

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