Here we go again.  It's time to whip out whatever you have that's green (leftovers excluded) and become a bit Irish for the day. Why not, right?  Or maybe St. Patrick's Day is way off your radar as anything special?

Have you ever considered that you may be at least part Irish without knowing it? So many people are curious about their ancestry and get genetic testing through popular companies like AncestryDNA and 23andMe. One year my parents gifted me a test for Christmas and my ancestry included quite a long list! I think there was a teeny-weeny bit of Irish in there somewhere but then again, I remember thinking, "Is there any heritage in my DNA that is NOT included?" I'm a mutt and proud of it. 😉

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So if you are inclined to observe St. Patrick's Day in ANY way, take the quick poll below to share how or IF you participate in anything St. Patrick's Day related on this special day. You can click on any answers that apply to how you may or may not celebrate this Irish holiday.

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