Justin Bieber made his 'Saturday Night Live' debut last night as the host/musical guest, and in one sketch the show offered up a parody of the popular 70's hit, 'Grease'... with a little twist.

In the sketch, 'SNL' played on both Bieber's young appearance and the fact that women seem to get weak in the knees at the very sight of him. The popstar played an 11-year-old heartthrob attempting to woo the lovely Cecily Strong and score points with his cronies.,  Unfortunately he doesn't appear to have much common sense: he's baffled by car doors and shocked that "sweater puppies" aren't actual puppies.

Oh, and he also played someone who doesn't know how to read cue cards. We're kidding, he did just fine! The audience certainly seemed to have no concerns whatsoever.

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