If there's one thing that we learned from last night's Saturday Night Live, it's that Justin Bieber can't act. Like, at all. However, he can self-deprecate with the best of them, which is sometimes all you need to squeak by with hosting duties. Yesterday's episode also saw the return of The Miley Cyrus Show and Bieber got the play the head of her fan club...who really hates Justin Bieber. Watch it below!

Once again, Vanessa Bayer plays Miley Cyrus (a performance that rightfully rides a fine line between hilarious and irritating) and Jason Sudeikis plays her father/band leader (giving him plenty of opportunities to provide some terrific reaction shots). The sketch finds a newly "grown-up" Cyrus trying her hand at adult humor and telling anecdotes about her new tattoo before welcoming the president of her fan club on the show. whose love for Miley is only matched by his hatred for that "lesbian" Justin Bieber.

There were a lot of odd sketches in last night's SNL, but this was certainly one of the oddest. We're not even sure if we like it, but we certainly feel compelled to share it! What do you think?

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