[UPDATE: The Wrap has confirmed that the script photo Bieber posted to Instgram was a fake.]

Justin Bieber seems to have a script for 'Batman vs. Superman' and is suggesting he might be up for the part of Robin. This is a true thing that happened. Seriously.

Tonight on Instagram, Bieber posted a photo of himself holding up a script for 'Batman vs. Superman' with Zack Snyder and David Goyer's names on it as writers, with the script based on 'The Dark Knight Falls' by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, and with an August 30 revision date. Considering the internet, we wouldn't be surprised if we were being punked, though.

The evidence that this isn't some prank is that Bieber recently hosted 'SNL' and was likely using that -- as other musicians have -- to showcase that he can also act, though at the time we thought he was a crappy host. But it definitely suggests he has interest in exploring an acting career. It's also possible he got the script because he's connected, or it's all just a big joke.

But there is a strong possibility that Robin is in the new film as Robin was part of the 'The Dark Knight Returns' comic book series (to which 'Falls' was the concluding chapter, though in that series Robin was a woman) with the book ending with a big fight between Batman and Superman. And though fanboys might get their underoos in a twist over this (and granted, we wouldn't be all that pleased either), it's easy to understand from a marketing perspective why Warner Brothers might want young master Bieber in the part. The fans will show up regardless, while Bielebers could add to the box office. That said, ugh. 'Batman Vs. Superman' is slated to hit theaters July 17, 2015.

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