Oneonta Common Council's Fourth Ward Representative, Michelle Osterhoudt has publicly announced that she feels it necessary to surrender her position with the council a month early (on Nov. 30) due to family obligations.

Michelle Osterhoudt (Credit: AllOTSEGO)
Michelle Osterhoudt (Credit: AllOTSEGO)

According to AllOTSEGO, Osterhoudt wrote in a statement, “While I have enjoyed my Ward, it is clear that my obligations to my job and family have been in conflict with my position on Council. I have decided to share this decision with the media first – so that the message comes from me.”

Elected to the Council in 2015, Osterhoudt was the first woman of color to be elected for a seat on the Council and she also served as the liaison to Oneonta's Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights. After making the decision not to run for a second term, Osterhoudt backed 4th Ward candidate Kaytee Lipari Shue, who won the seat over Republican Jared Goss at the Nov. 5 elections. Lipari Shue will begin her term on Jan. 1.

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