National Weather Service Observer Dave Mattice says we have just gone through a record-setting weekend!

"Yes, on Sunday morning at 6:07 AM the low temperature in our area clocked in at 33.9 degrees.  And that set a new record low for June 14th.  It beat the old record temperature of 35 set in 1912.  In fact, the only reason we didn’t have frost was fog moved into our area. I did receive reports of frost in many areas nearby, though!  In fact a dozen area residents sent me photos of the "white stuff" on their roofs in Otsego and Delaware counties. The previous record late date for frost in our area was June 1.  So now, officially we can change that to June 14th!"

And on Saturday the record "high low" temperature was 57 degrees.

And Dave wasn't finished yet:  "On Sunday (Flag Day) we set another record "low high" temperature of 57.  What a couple of days, and remember the NWS has been keeping records for our area since 1854!"

So with all that history this past weekend what lies in store for us ahead this week.  Sunny skies and warm to hot temperatures all the way through the week!

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