Oneonta's National Weather Service Observer has weighed in on the crazy warm weather we experienced over this past weekend.  Did we break any records?  Here's what Dave Mattice has to say...

"The official high temperature recorded on Saturday was 61 degrees which tied the record for the day, which was set back in 1975.  Our high temperature yesterday was 58 degrees at 8:00 am, then temperatures fell throughout the day. The record for yesterday is 62 degrees.

The unseasonably warm temperatures we experienced were part of the very large system that blanketed the eastern third of the country. As an extremely powerful cold front, (the same one that moved through our area yesterday) moved easterly and clashed with the record setting warmth in the deep south, many severe thunderstorms and tornadoes caused a lot of damage and destroyed many homes and buildings.
At least 8 deaths have been confirmed so far.  We will see cooler but still above average temperatures through Thursday,  then after that it will seem like January again with colder air moving into place with a chance  of snow on Saturday. "

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