I saw ten, yes ten, deer on my way into work this morning. I live near farms where I saw three in the development I live in, then I saw one in the field on a backroad near my house, another two a few miles down that road, and then four of them on the side of Kings Road near the radio station. Each time I saw them, I asked them to stay right where they were. Fortunately, they did.

But what should you do to avoid an accident with a deer? Here are some important tips. There may be some things that you thought you should do when a deer runs out in front of you, but in reality, you shouldn't. This list opened my eyes almost like deer in headlights. (Sorry I couldn't resist.)

1. Don't Panic! - If you see a deer or a group of deer up ahead near the roadway, remain calm, slow down and observe their movements.

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

2. Slow Down! - As soon as you see a deer, whether during the day or especially if you see the glow of their eyes at night, immediately slow way down. Also as you start to slow down check your rear-view mirror to see if there are cars behind you. This way you can come to a gradual stop without having to worry about another vehicle.

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3. Try NOT to Swerve! - I didn't know that you weren't supposed to swerve to avoid deer. It makes sense though. Experts say that if you swerve to avoid deer most likely you will cause more harm to yourself or another driver. Most of the time you will either swerve into an oncoming car or go off of the road into another hazard.


4. Don't Speed Up! - You may think this will give you the best chance to "outrun" the deer but this isn't an option. When you speed up, you may spook the deer into the roadway.

Photo by Dave Poore on Unsplash

5. Your Safety is Most Important - this one I have the most trouble with. No one wants to injure an animal but sometimes it's unavoidable. You may have to collide with the deer as opposed to swerving into oncoming traffic or going off of the roadway and putting your life or others at risk.

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