President Barack Obama continues his swing though Upstate NY at Henninger High School. We are live blogging the event. The president's speech is expected to start just before 6PM.

6:56 Wrapping up live blog coverage.

6:49 Obama closes his speech in Syracuse "We're going to ensure you can make it in this country if you try." He works the front row of the crowd for a few minutes before wrapping up his vist to Henniger High School.

6:44 Obama: 3 goals: 1 Increase Value. 2 Encourage Innovation 3 If you've taking on student load debt, you should be able to manage that debt

6:42 Obama: Today I have introduced major reforms. Some of these changes I can make on my own, some will require congress. We want to work with colleges and we'll be asking more of students, too.

6:35 President pivots his speech to his main topic of education.

6:30 President's speech slightly delayed by a heckler in the crowd.

6:22 President Obama takes the stage to a rousing ovation. Calls out local digintaries including Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minor, NY AG Eric Schneiderman, Congressman Dan Maffei, and SCSD leaders and students from all 5 Syracuse high schools.

6:21 Syracuse Corcoran HS Emilio Ortiz, "I am the Syracuse City School District" and calls out a challenge to become the most improved urban school district in America.

6:18 Final moments before the president's speech. A local high school senior, Emilio Ortiz introduces the president, per the Post-Standard's @mbreidenbach

6:06 US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan makes an opening statement on the importance of education, which will be the main focus of the president's remarks.

6:01 The crowd begins an Obama-Obama chant

5:59 The traveling press corps has arrived inside the Henninger gymnasium as the speech time draws very near.

5:44 The president's motorcade has exited the Thruway and is making its way to Henninger High School

4:30 The superintendent of the Syracuse City School District makes an opening address noting the president will address college affordability in his speech..

4:25PM The event beings with the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegence

4:00PM Arrival at Henninger High School in Syracuse. Teall Ave from I-690 to Robinson is lined with demonstrators. Signs included anti-fracking and anti-drone messages.

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