new New York State initiative is underway attempting to engage local farmers in coming up with ideas to improve agricultural processes while at the same time protecting the state's may waterways.

Governor Andrew Cuomo ha announced that money will be made available to help area farmers develop projects which will enhance and protect the water quality of the state's waterways as well as caretake the environment.

Thirteen million dollars will be set aside for this project, which will be administered by the New York State Agriculture and Markets Division.

Governor Cuomo said, "New York's green energy and climate plan is leading the nation, and our agricultural industry is a critical partner in achieving our goals.  This funding helps our farmers continue to produce some of the best products in the world, while also protecting our waterways and ensuring the future of the industry."

As water quality projects are submitted across the state, priority will be given to those both protect water quality as well as offer environmental benefits.  These could include items like soil health health, nutrient management, manure storage, vegetative buffers, conservation cover crops and carbon sequestration.

Farmers are encourage to contact their local County Soil and Water Conservation District offices to find out more about these available funds.  The deadline to submit qualified applications is Monday June 28, 2021 at 4:30 pm.

For more information on this new available funding, please visit the New York State website or contact your local County and/or District agricultural and soil conservation offices in your region.

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