The coronavirus pandemic has extended many things in New York state especially when it comes to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This time the governor has announced that if your license or permit has expired, don't worry, you get another extension. According to CBS 6 Albany, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles announced that they will allow an extension of a couple of services for drivers in the state. They have decided to give drivers until December 3rd for expirations of licenses and permits. This was done by an executive order by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Not everyone is happy with the extension. Frank Merola who is the Rensselaer County Clerk understands why they need to be pushed back but thinks this will only increase backlogs at the DMV offices. He said:

“We’re trying to bring people in we’re trying to renew them. We got real ID breathing down their neck. Can’t do that without going into a DMV office.”

If you have a non-driver ID card or an auto dealer temporary registration, your extension ended on November 3rd. Also, car registrations and inspections extensions have also expired. Repair shops and service stations are doing inspections during the pandemic. Drivers licenses and driver permits have been extended until December 3rd.

Another extension given because of the coronavirus pandemic is the driver's license eye test. Because you can renew your driver's license online and not at the DMV, you now have one year to complete your driver's license eye test. So in reality, you can renew your license without an eye test.

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