Concerts are finally back so don't screw it up! Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that beginning now your favorite concert venues, such as SPAC, will have investigators cracking down on underage drinking and using fake ID's to buy alcohol.

New Yorkers fought hard against COVID-19, and because of their toughness, we can once again enjoy live music at the outstanding venues across this state. As we continue to overcome the tragedies of the past year, I urge everyone to celebrate responsibly. Through this enforcement effort, investigators are working together to combat a dangerous problem and keep New Yorkers safe. - Governor Cuomo

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This crackdown even has a name, 'Operation Prevent', will have state investigators looking out for under-aged drinking. These investigators are experts at detecting fake ID's with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. This isn't a challenge to see if you have the worlds best fake ID. Just don't do it or you could be charged.

Here are some of the penalties for underage drinking and use of a fake ID:

  • Under 21, caught using a fake ID to purchase alcohol you will be ticketed.
  • Under 21, caught using a fake ID to purchase alcohol your license could be revoked for up to 1 year.
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