Do you scoff at household chores?  Who doesn't?  Here's some good news for you, April 7th is "No Housework Day".  It's a day to just say "NO!" to those lame chores you hate doing every day.  Maybe you can get the dog to load the dishwasher for you?  

Once you're done with today and resting on your laurels, here's a list of 4 chores that suggests you should do daily, especially if you have kids:

  1. Wash dishes: prevents bugs and nasty fungal growth
  2. Laundry: keeping up with it on a daily basis is a whole lot easier that letting it pile up, leaving you with a day's worth of it.
  3. Tidy up: hey, you never know when someone is going to pop over, plus it's much nicer to exist in a tidy environment than a messy one.
  4. File papers: mail, school work and random papers pile up if left unfiled.  By putting everything in it's proper place daily, it only takes a few minutes and you'll always have an easy time finding what you need, when you need it.

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