To the surprise of absolutely nobody, New York City was ranked first among all United States cities when it comes to the quality of its pizza.

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According to a story by Sav Maive of LawnStarter, New York ran away from the rest of the pack when it came to being a pizza-haven. The study gave New York City an overall score of 79.87. For reference, the next city on the list finished with an overall score of 38.29.

Coming in well behind New York City at number two is San Francisco, followed by Chicago, Miami, and Las Vegas.

New York Best Pizza
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Personally, I'm more excited by Chicago finishing third, not second. Many of the pizza debates I engage in revolve around the battle between normal, New York style pizza and its very distant cousin, the Chicago deep dish pizza.

In my opinion, calling deep dish a "pizza" instead of a "big bowl of disgusting pizza soup" is a travesty. So finding out that not only can Chicago pizza not compete with New York pizza, but it can barely even compete with San Francisco pizza was a nice little bonus for me.

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Unfortunately, Upstate New York didn't fare quite as well as New York City. Buffalo ranked 101st, Rochester ranked 136th, and Syracuse ranked 190th overall. No other New York cities made their way onto the 200 city list.

But at then end of the day, all this study did was confirm what we New Yorkers already knew. New York pizza is superior to everywhere else in the country and it's not even particularly close.

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