I'm a parent to two kids who are very picky eaters.  What one likes, the other doesn't.  I'm sure you can imagine what meals are like in our house.  STRESSFUL!  There are probably three meals that my husband and I can serve that my two kids will eat without complaining.  Needless to say, it goes without saying that my husband and I were willing to try some creative methods to get them to branch out and try new foods.

So, in comes my brainstorm idea (since we've tried everything else shy of starving them), something I call "The Cheerio Experiment".  The whole idea is that if the kids don't like what we are serving for dinner (and they almost never do), then they'll have to eat a bowl of Cheerios with milk.  That is the ONLY alternate option.  We plan on trying this for 30 days in the hopes that they will get so incredibly bored with Cheerios that they will start eating some new things.

Do I expect this to work?  Not really because I have two very stubborn kids, but I figure it's worth a shot, right?  If you have any different ideas on how to get picky kids to eat more foods, please share it on our Facebook page.

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