A mother is grateful for the kindness of strangers. Kimberly Robertson's daughter was in a terrible accident. She wasn't there but an angel was.

Amber Chalker was driving on Route 8 in Leonardsville, New York when she was hit by a tractor-trailer. A guardian angel immediately pulled over and ran to the crash, staying to help until the ambulance arrived. "She had an angel with her," said Kimberly.

Credit - Kimberly Robertson
Credit - Kimberly Robertson

Breanna Kimball was in the car with Chalker and remembers the angel telling her she was a CNA. "She came to the driver side window as I was in the passenger supporting Amber's head and neck," Breanna said. "She definitely was helpful. Wish we could have caught her name."

Kimberly turned to social media to see if she could put a name to that angel. "I would like to thank her and show her how much I appreciated her bravery."

It didn't take long for the power of social media to reach the guardian angel. "She messaged me," said Kimberly. "Her name is Erika Shelter. She was surprised that I was looking for her. She texted me saying 'I heard you were looking for me. No thank yous are needed.'"

Erika Stelter is a CNA who is studying for her RN degree. Kimberly couldn't be more grateful it was Stelter who just happened to be driving behind her daughter that day. "She was amazing. She held my daughter as she went into shock then started having one seizure after another."

Luckily Amber didn't receive any broken bones or suffer any internal injuries. She was airlifted to a Syracuse hospital and has since been released. "She is in a lot of pain but she's alive."

Credit - Kimberly Robertson
Credit - Kimberly Robertson

Being a CNA, Erika was just doing what she does, tending to the injured. But to Kimberly, Erika was doing what she couldn't, being there for her daughter. "She is my hero."

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