Psychic Medium Maureen Hancock impresses me more and more each week with her uncanny ability to hone in on specific details for our weekly callers.  The details relate to the caller's passed on loved ones or even themselves. I can tell you with complete honesty that Maureen receives absolutely no information about any of the callers in advance.  Not even their name.  The caller's name is literally revealed a minute before Maureen gets to speak to them and deliver their reading.  She is able to tune in that quickly to passed on loved ones connected with the caller.  This week's reading with Season is a prime example of Maureen's knack of honing right in on the specifics.

As if that's not impressive enough, wait until you see what Maureen can do in person during her Townsquare Media sponsored "Postcards From Heaven" show, coming up November 29th at the Oneonta Theatre!

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