Yesterday, with much trepidation and definitely grit, I headed out onto my rubber roof with a shovel and roof rake in hand.  Anyone who knows anything about rubber roofs, is probably aware of how slippery they are when they are wet, so that's where my trepidation came in.  I knew it was dangerous but felt it necessary to save my attic from further water damage.

Ice jams on our roof build up quickly due to melting snow and then trap melted snow behind them.  Guess where that water goes?  BINGO! It seeps into our walls.  We had a bowl under a dripping ceiling in my son's room just the other day.  Preventing more water from coming in prompted me to get outside yesterday on the roof.

If you're wondering where the heck my husband was during all this time, he was at work and I was doing this quite without his knowledge, much to his chagrin.  I'm just that kind of take charge gal.  I can't help it.  Don't worry, I did wear my Yak trax on the bottom of my boots for a better grip on the slippery roof slopes and did instruct my children on emergency procedures should something befall me.  They didn't seem concerned at all, no surprise there.  They see me do crazy things like that all the time.

shoveling off snow from roof
shoveling off snow from roof

You'll be relieved to know that I didn't fall off the roof and got the job done half way.  I couldn't reach two out of the four sides of the roof.  Does anyone have a jet pack I can use for next time?

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