In this busy, hectic pace of life we all live, we rarely take the little time it requires to find ways to feel better emotionally and physically.  We just cope.  How many times do we hear someone say, or find ourselves saying, "It is what it is"?  It's time to throw that phrase away forever and not settle for anything less than great!  You CAN learn how to do this and try some new ways of feeling much better at the "Nuture Your Spirit" event this Sunday from 10am to 4pm at the Green Earth Food Market on Market Street in Oneonta.

Cindy Staffin, our Self Empowerment Local Expert on this website, along with Swamiji, talk below about the event and what you can try out.

Don't forget that free workshop from 3pm to 4pm with Tim Keys called "Intending For the Highest Good". For more information about this event CLICK HERE.


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