I... wanna blow some snow toniiiiight... and shovel every-day! ♫

KISS frontman Gene Simmons was spotted in Endicott over the weekend, clearing snow from the neighborhood sidewalk with a snow blower!

...okay, so it wasn't REALLY Gene Simmons. The person in the Gene Simmons getup was Endicott native Heather Sedlock, who decided to get a little creative with the snow-blowing outfit.

In the video posted on YouTube, Sedlock can be seen getting the snow blower out and begin clearing the white stuff from her front sidewalk while "Rock and Roll All Nite" plays.

The video was picked up by Binghamton news station WBNG, and a screengrab of the stunt was acknowledged by Gene Simmons himself.

Upstate New York was hit with (hopefully) its last big storm of the season over the weekend, with some areas (including the Southern Tier where this video was taken) receiving around 10 inches. It began raining on Friday evening, March 11, which turned to snow overnight and continued throughout the day Saturday.

A snow emergency was declared in Utica, but that did not stop the St. Patrick's Day Parade and celebration from happening. It marked the return of the parade after two straight years of COVID-related cancellations.

Sedlock's humorous video shows that it helps to have a sense of humor about Upstate New York weather, even when most people are completely sick of it. It beats the alternative of grumbling and stewing over it.

Let's just hope Simmons didn't stick his prominent tongue on any metal poles during the stunt.

♫ God gave ice and snow to you, gave ice and snow to you, gave ice and snoooowww tooooo everyooooone... 

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