As a parent, the natural response is often to make sure that your child is safe and happy above all else. One woman with a teen daughter, however, is wondering how long she can continue to afford to pick her child up from their job considering the ridiculously expensive current prices of gasoline.

She took to parenting forum Mumsnet to ask other moms what they'd do in her situation.

The anonymous mom explained that her 19-year-old daughter receives regular lifts to college and her friends' houses because she doesn't drive.

At the teen's previous job, the mom would pick her daughter up from work three times a week at about 11PM.

"My daughter had said before that she’d look for another job with more suitable hours as she knew I didn’t really want to go into the town late at night and I didn’t like the thought of her waiting outside her place of work for a taxi, and not keen on her getting Ubers," the mom wrote. "Long story short, she’s found another job she loves, but, again it’s in the town centre and this time she finishes even later, just after midnight."

The mom explained her daughter is already asking her if she can pick her up from work, sharing that while she wants to make sure her daughter gets home safe, she doesn't like the idea of going into the city so late at night.

She's also worried about the price of gas.

"I'm also a bit put out regarding the cost of petrol when, if she’d got a job where she could get a bus then it’d saving me the money," she continued. "Am I being unreasonable to think sod it, she can pay half of what a taxi would cost if she wants me to pick her up so late (after all it was her choice to go for this job) or should I suck it up and fetch her for free as I’m concerned about her getting home any other way?"

Her question sparked reactions from both sides.

"I don't charge my teens for lifts regardless of where they're from and when," one person commented, while another wrote, "She is getting paid so of course she should pay you."

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