There are so many great fishing holes, rivers and streams around New York State and there is one key factor that needs to happen if we want to keep this spaces great. Don't litter! Don't leave your busted lines and lures behind. When you are done enjoying nature, leave it pristine for the next person to enjoy.

Not only is littering disgusting but you could be fined anywhere from $300 to $1000 for leaving your junk behind. Even worse is the damage you are doing to New York's wildlife. Like this poor sawn.

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On Monday April 10th, accoring to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), officers responded to a report of a swan with a hook lodged in it's head. Initial reports weren't sure if the hook was in the birds eye or beak.

DEC officers reported to the scene at Bartlett Pond Park in the town of Brookhaven and found 2 Brookhaven Public Safety Officers and a volunteer from a local wildlife rehabilitator attempting to capture the bird with a fishing net without success.

Officers then used a catchpole to capture the swan with assistance from the Public Safety Officers and the volunteer. The Officer then safely removed a hook embedded in the swan's beak. The bird was returned to the pond with no obvious ill effects from the hook.

ECO Day then removed additional hooks, bobbers, and fishing line from nearby vegetation. DEC reminds anglers to recover snagged lines and hooks when done fishing. Look what this poor guy had to endure.

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