I was once a cheat. I’ve cheated on many a board game. I cheated so much my grandmother once refused to play with me, complaining to my mother “He cheats!”

I didn’t even care that I cheated. Not at all. In fact, I gloated about it. Look at this actual letter I sent my grandmother:


See what I mean. I feel a little bad about it now, but, you know, winning is everything. I cheated at Uno, Chess, Checkers, Rummy, Diceball and Monopoly that I can remember. I’d hide cards, move pieces when she wasn’t looking, “count” wrong, and on and on. I was pretty good.

I don’t remember sending her that letter, but she kept it for at least 20 years in a box full of cards I sent her. My mother found it when we cleaned out her house after her passing a couple years back.

It’s amazing what families keep. She loved that letter!

With the recent developments at the National Scrabble Tournament, it begs the question: Have you ever cheated while playing a board game?

Let us know what games you cheated at in the comments below.

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