If you've been one of the thousands frustrated when trying to apply for unemployment benefits in New York State, you're certainly not alone. According to Governor Cuomo's Office, it was federal policy that was slowing down the application process and the distribution of benefits. The good news is, the process has been streamlined with an improved application, and over 3100 Department of Labor representatives available to answer questions about the process.

This new system is promising the delivery of unemployment benefits faster than before without the need to call the Department of Labor. There is now only one form to fill out.

NYS Department of Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon says, "The DOL's mission is to help our neighbors through some of their toughest days, and in the last week we have made great strides in updating our systems. While it appears the coronavirus pandemic is beginning to stabilize — at least from the public health perspective — we know that many New Yorkers are still facing an uncertain economic future, and the Department of Labor will continue to dedicate every resource available to helping New Yorkers weather this storm."

To find out more about filing for un unemployment benefits, visit labor.ny.gov or call the Telephone Claim Center at (888) 209-8124. Below you can view resources that will help you in filing a claim:

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