The Christmas comedy 'Elf' is about one of Santa's little helpers who learns that he is really human and then leaves the North Pole to seek out his birth family.

The film starred the long-limbed cut-up Will Ferrell as the "elf" in question, and became a huge holiday hit in 2003. 'Elf' also featured an all-star assortment of supporting actors and familiar faces. You can check out what the cast of 'Elf' is up to these days below.

Will Ferrell, Buddy Hobbs

Will Ferrell
Frederick M Brown, Getty Images

Then: Ferrell took the role of Buddy Hobbs, a human/elf hybrid who is unusually large for one of Santa’s little helpers, after Jim Carrey passed on it. In 2003 the 'SNL' funnyman shed clothing (and kicked off his movie career) for his role as Frank the Tank in ‘Old School.’

Now: This year the 45-year-old did some very oddball Ferrell-like things such as star in the Spanish language comedy ‘Casa de mi Padre’ and shot ads for Old Milwaukee for free because he apparently likes the beer. In 2013 Ferrell is slated to be reunited with his buddies Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in ‘The Internship.’ He also has the much-awaited 'Anchorman 2' in the works.

James Caan, Walter Hobbs

James Caan
Frederick M Brown, Getty Images

Then: James Cann played Walter Hobbs, Buddy’s uptight long lost human dad. The veteran actor had starred in movie such as ‘Brian’s Song’ and ‘The Godfather.’

Now: The 72-year-old was a series regular on ‘Las Vegas,’ which ran between 2003 and 2007. This year he popped up in the Adam Sandler movie ‘That’s My Boy’ and guested on ‘Hawaii Five-O,” which stars his son Scott Caan.

Zooey Deschanel, Jovie

Zooey Deschanel Elf
Frederick M Brown, Getty Images

Then: Adorkable indie darling Zooey Deschanel went blonde to play Buddy’s love interest Jovie. The-then 23-year-old’s film career had just kicked off with roles in 'Almost Famous' and 'All the Real Girls.'

Now: Deschanel stars as the title character in the sitcom ‘New Girl.’ In 2012, she also sang on frequent musical collaborator M. Ward’s album ‘A Wasteland Companion.’

Mary Steenburgen, Emily Hobbs

Mary Steenburgen Elf
Frederick M Brown, Getty Images

Then: You may remember Steenburgen as Buddy’s kindly step mom Emily. Steenburgan burst on to the scene in 1980, winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 'Melvin and Howard.'

Now: The 59-year-old recently played recurring character Diana Jessup on '30 Rock.' She has been married to actor Ted Danson since 1995, and often stars as herself on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.'

Daniel Tay, Michael Hobbs

Daniel Tay Elf
Kevin Kane, Getty Images

Then: Tay played Buddy’s much-younger half-brother Michael in ‘Elf.’ That same year he made his film debut as the young Harvey Pekar in 'American Splendor.'

Now: The 20-year-old’s last film role was in the 2007 mob movie ‘Brooklyn Rules.’

Ed Asner, Santa Claus

Ed Asner
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Then: Asner played Santa Claus in 'Elf.' But the role he is most famous for is grizzled newsman Lou Grant, whom he played both on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and its long running spin-off ‘Lou Grant.’

Now: The 83-year-old has recently guest starred on the sitcoms ‘Hot in Cleveland’ and ‘The Middle.’ He also voiced Santa Claus on the Christmas episode of the animated series ‘The Regular Show.’

Bob Newhart, Papa Elf

Bob Newhart Elf
Jason Squires, Getty Images

Then: Newhart brought his droll sense of humor to the part of Papa Elf in ‘Elf.’ Newhart had been one of the most successful stand up comics of the ‘60s, but is best known for the 70s sitcom ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ and the ‘80s sitcom ‘Newhart.’

Now: The 83-year old was last seen in 2011’s ‘Horrible Bosses’ and is rumored to be involved in the upcoming comedy ’Big Finish’ which will also star comedy legends Jerry Lewis, Jonathan Winters and Don Rickles,

Faizon Love, Gimbel's manager

Fazion Love
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Then: Love brought his comedic timing to the role of the department store manager. He had scored his first memorable role in the 1995 Chris Tucker comedy ‘Friday,’ in which he played drug-dealing bully "Big Worm."

Now: The 44-year old had a small role in the 2012 thriller 'The Paperboy.' He's also been playing Boost Mobile’s 4Genie in a series of ads for the cellular service.

Peter Dinklage, Miles Finch

Peter Dinklage Elf
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Then: Dinklage was hilarious as grumpy children’s writer Miles Finch, who gets upset when Buddy mistakes him for one of Santa's little helpers. That same year Dinklage had his breakout role as the star of the critically acclaimed indie film 'The Station Agent.'

Now: The 43-year-old plays quick-witted scion Tyrion Lannister on 'Game of Thrones,' a role for which he won an Emmy in 2012. He's set to star alongside Mila Kunis and Robin Williams in the 2013 comedy 'The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.'

Amy Sedaris, Deborah "Deb"

Amy Sedaris
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Then: Amy Sedaris played quirky children's book company employee Deb alongside Kyle Gass from Tenacious D. She had been best known for starring in the sitcom 'Strangers With Candy.'

Now: The 51-year-old recently popped up on '30 Rock' and 'The Good Wife.' She is the younger sister of humorist David Sedaris, with whom she often collaborates.

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