Will Ferrell's well documented love of sports soared to a whole new level Thursday.

The actor was slated to play all nine positions in five games in Spring Training in Arizona in an attempt to help raise cancer awareness.

As you might imagine, Ferrell's presence on the diamond caused a ruckus. With the A's, he hobnobbed with Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson, who probably said to himself, "This funnyman is posing in a picture with Rickey Henderson."

Before the game, he took a couple of cuts, showing whether he can spray the ball to all fields.

Ferrell, who's starred in sports-themed movies ranging from Blades of Glory to Semi-Pro to Talladega Nights to Kicking & Screaming, also tried to explain his approach to hitting to A's manager Bob Melvin:

Having an A-list comic superstar was a pleasant sight for those in the crowd, who welcomed him with open arms.

Ferrell also made his presence felt with the Cubs (who should've requested he do his Harry Caray impression) and the Reds, among other teams:

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