Each year during the holiday shopping season there's always some product that is a must-have and this year it just might be the Electric Heated Foot Warmer Move over snuggie, because this might be the next thing in cold weather indoor comfort.

If you live in Upstate New York, then you know that winters can be coooold!  And we all know that when your feet are warm and toasty, it's likely that the rest of you feels warm too, so I must admit that the idea of just needing a warming pocket for my feet to stay warm sounds like a good thing to me.

Unfortunately, this product seems overpriced for what it is.  I found it for $59.99 on Amazon.com.  Considering that I can get a twin size electric blanket for as low as $34, something the size of a heating pad should not be more expensive than a whole blanket!  For that reason alone, I'm not sure this product will take off but I still like the concept.

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