Has your child ever knowingly or unknowingly bought something on line without your permission?  Mine has.  I would dare say, in this day and age, many parents can relate to this dilemma of how easy it is for kids to fall pray to the lure of easy on-line purchasing.  Personally, I have become a non-fan of the one click buy button.

So how do we parents deal with this problem when it comes up?  Little Johnny sees a shiny toy on-line that he has to have on Amazon.com and before you know it, it shows up on your doorstep courtesy of UPS.  One Mom fooled her 8 year old son into thinking he had purchased a $50,000 Ford Mustang on ebay while he was playing around on her ipad to teach him a lesson.  She video taped the event.  Watch it and tell us what you think about what she did.