Do you notice your bath or hand towels are becoming less and less absorbent?  It definitely happens over the course of time just do to detergent buildup on the towel fibers.  You'll be happy to know you have have to ditch your towels and get new ones.  I discovered an easy way to recharge your towels to be as absorbent as they were when they were new from DIY on Facebook.  There are two simple steps to this:

1. Run your towels through a wash cycle WITHOUT detergent.  Instead use one cup of vinegar (white or brown) and make sure you use hot water. The vinegar will get all the chemical buildup on your towels.

2. Once the first wash cycle is done, run another hot water wash cycle, again without detergent.  This time you'll just add one cup of baking soda which will freshen your towels right up and get rid of the vinegar smell.

3.  Enjoy, fresh and wonderfully absorbent towels!

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