The temptation of these homemade donuts definitely did NOT help my new year's resolution to cut out sweets and lose weight. I can blame my husband and son for this fat-filled project which took up our entire kitchen this past Sunday morning.  When I say  the entire kitchen, I'm not kidding.  Every counter surface was covered with bowls, powdered sugar, trays, flour, and everything you could possibly involve in a baking/frying project.

Although I was unhappy this delightful and completely unhealthy treat was impacting all my senses and calling to me to submit to the yumminess and I was determined to fight it off and not succumb, my son was in full happiness mode.  He was so proud of his apple cider and maple glazed donut holes and donuts.  He couldn't wait for me to try one of each to tell him how amazing they were.  As a mother, how could I possibly say no?  So I compromised and had two donut holes of the two different flavors. I'll tell you this, there's nothing quite like homemade!  I've also decided that it's ok to say yes to a treat once in a while, as long as it's small.  Everything in moderation right?

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