I'm noticing a lot of chatter on-line this week about buying gas.  I think now that prices are on the rise again, people are paying attention to how much they are spending on gas. 

One Facebook comment I saw today had to do with the amount of money you pay for gas if you pay in cash versus if you charge it on a credit card:

"Someone please explain to me WHY gas is a FULL 9 cents cheaper when paying with cash. I get the credit card fees, etc, but REALLY?!"

I completely agree with that comment.  I can understand a few cents extra, but 9 cents?  That's outrageous!  Of course we all know that these gas station/convenient stores are attempting to get people to pay cash just so that they have to come in the store and might be tempted to buy things inside.

I guess the real question is, are we so outraged at the greed of these companies that we start paying in cash to avoid the extra credit card fees each time we fill up? Or will we continue to be just lazy enough that we don't want to plan ahead to have that cash and then go inside the store to pay?  Plus, if you pay in cash, you have to guess how much money it will take to fill your tank.  Who can get that right?  Can you tell I've been paying with a credit card for the convenience? How do you do it?  Answer our quick poll below.

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